Friday, 26 April 2013

Layering up a tea cosy.

What to do with the remnants left over from a dyed,felted, woollen blanket that became part of a throw for my settee? Also a pretty, but redundant, embroidered dressing table mat. Buttons and fabric scraps. Added together they make layers one and two.

That was last nights progress. All the buttons and scraps laid but not stitched in place.

This morning's revisit: happy with the layout so stitched everything in place. Layer secured.
Add one more fabric puff then time to empty the washing machine etc, etc.

Stitched fronts to back added lining and pinned on further embellishments.
Time to let the Hairy Herbert's run off some energy.

Lovely walk now need a lie down and put my feet up. The dogs, you understand,not me!

Still hmmm!

That's better methinks. Heading in the right direction.

All pinned. Not stitched. Needs a little tweaking but this could be the end result.

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