Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year New Ideas

I love the hibernation of the Christmas holidays. Seeds germinate in the winter darkness. As always I am hatching plans. Part of the planning is a review of what has gone well in the shop in the months since we opened. What ideas to repeat or progress and how to do it. And, of course, what did not work or could have worked better.
Because, no surprises, at Christmas, Christmassy things sold well I am trying to think in seasons and by events and to make well ahead of schedule. I am sure all maker/sellers do the same but this is the first time that I have and I am enjoying the clarity of focus that it brings. 
While the evenings remain dark I am very reluctant to forgo the cheery glow of candles and fairy lights completely. Thinking about this and about the fact that I shamelessly love making bits of kitsch and bling, which can only be justified at Christmas, led to the notion of having a Christmas corner in the shop all year!
 This might be a risky move as there  are those who hate Christmas and who find it starts far too early in the year as it is. But I hope it might charm those who wish it could be Christmas every day.
Yesterday was foul, weather wise,  yet surprisingly busy in terms of people visiting the shop. Not so busy in terms of sales. But those who came in used encouraging words like 'lovely' and 'unusual'. Music to my ears.

 This is the first item to have made it off the sketchbook page but I have had a whirlwind weekend of making.