Sunday, 7 April 2013

Making upcycled jewellery

I have had another full day of play in the shop. Today's specific task was to
sift through my collection of bits and bobs of old and broken jewellery pieces and reconfigure them into wearable items. Necklaces,I fancied.

I just played about putting this with that. Setting one colour alongside another that compliments or clashes. Making groups of disparate pieces that seem to want to go together. Don't ever have much of a plan. But my eye is rarely satisfied by symmetry.

That much has become apparent as I worked on these necklaces today.

Usually these assemblages get reviewed after a day or two and sometimes I tweak or even completely remake depending on how they appear to me after a little lapse of time.

So it is good to record them here in their current format.

Tomorrow I am working on accretions and more brooches.