Friday, 21 February 2014

Going back to my roots

I am revisiting themes and processes. .And.......I am going to come right out and say it.... I am trying to circumnavigate a mountain of bullshit

And I am not, as yet,editing my output. I am perilously strung between the pursuit of pretty and a snarling at the pervasive, punishing, media imaging mind control that goes on.

I had a conversation this week with a freelance photographer whose subject is pregnant women and newborns. She regularly involves her daughter in the editing process because she wants her to be aware of the false images of female perfection that appear in most mainstream publishing. She told me that she can make a pregnant woman look like a supermodel........scary.
I am aware of this media manipulation. I deplore the fact that women believe in it and are oppressed by it, feel the need/compulsion to try and conform to it..... but aesthetically..... I love the images.
I almost salivate over the boho, rustic, artfully controlled chaos in County Living magazine.

And I love the lines and contours, the uber glam and glitz in Vogue.
So the bullshit exists in my own mind. Perhaps more comfortably named as contradiction.

The house is such a potent symbol.
One that I work with over and over.

Am working with still. Still learning.