Thursday, 4 April 2013

Birthday treats

Well it is my birthday.

My lovely boy Lloyd sent me chocolates and wine. How well he knows his mother.
Hence the breakfast above......well surely I have reached the age when I can please myself?
Before you "tut" let me point out I saved the wine to be consumed with dinner; so not as decadent as I could have been.
Now this did make me tut... All the packaging.
One very large box containing the two beautifully wrapped well protected packages.

Yards of brown paper just screaming out to be ironed. Ironed by she who does not iron. And on my birthday too! There is method in my madness.

See where I am going?

Could not finnish this today as I had other, special day,things to do. Like scour the charity shops in a town that I rarely have time to visit. Bargains galore.
Like this cashmere cardigan for £8!!!!

The photo doesn't do justice to the lovely beading.
And a bag to go with it.

As you might imagine was a bit weary by this stage so next stop M&S for their iced,spiced,sticky buns to take home for a feet-up-cup-of-tea.

Would have preferred it without the little addition courtesy of Hairy Herbert the elder!
As I bought my sticky buns the very nice lady on the checkout hugged them to her chest, leaned forward and whispered a warning. " they are addictive."
"Too late, far too late "I told her.

All in all, my best kind of day.