Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My cat is winging its way to Australia......

This is the cat in question. I recently signed up to Etsy and as a result these two brooches are relocating from snowy England to sunny Oz.

This makes me ridiculously happy. And very excited. I love making things. I love playing with colours and textures. And I virtually burst with joy when someone loves what I do. If they love it enough to buy it then my joy increases to the point where I almost hyperventilate. For two reasons. First, I can easily justify making more. Happy, happy, happy. And two, my dream to one day earn a living from creative endeavour grows a little brighter. I just can't be cool about it. Not at all.
The trouble is that my "skills that pay the bills" are clinical not creative. No playfulness there. No colour. By contrast the arty/crafty side of my life feels lightweight and fluffy and in need of justification. Though the fact that it is as important to me as breathing, truly, ought to be justification enough.

Another cat. Work in progress...... And a dog, also a work in progress!

Hairy Herbert the younger is behaving like the 11 month old yob that he is. My friend has trained her dog to close doors after he enters the room!!
Very clever, quite useful too. I would happily settle for coming back when he is called. Every time. In under 20 minutes!