Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Garden loveliness

Just a few photographs taken as the day cooled down. I like the way heat slows life down.


A sincere and unreserved apology to anyone finding themselves here anticipating a give-away. I have made a huge faux pas and possibly a total idiot of myself  resulting in the withdrawal of  the post containing the promise. I do intend to make a give-away and shall seek to make amends for my ineptitude shortly.

Whiplash! Ouch!

After my fall on Sunday I appear to be suffering from whiplash. Which surprised me some. My neck is so sore and strangely the muscles around my ribs are sore too. I am reasonably mobile but if I lay on my back my combined afflictions leave me stranded like a beetle on it's back!

On good advice I am taking it easy which means not much housework but plenty of crafty work.

I recently bought a pretty necklace from the charity shop which had a few gems missing so I took it apart and used the good bits along with some other beady beauties to make these earrings.
We are due more snow tonight which may mean a snowed-in-at-home day tomorrow. Yes please.

Recycling sardine tins.

Still accreting, ever so slowly.

Lest you get bored waiting for this accretion to take full shape I thought I'd share something else with you.
On Saturday a lady called Maureen brought these beautiful, old, glass beads in to the shop to see if I wanted them?!
Did I?
Of course I did. The photograph does not do justice to them at all.
These beads had belonged to Maureen's mother and were now broken and not something that were ever going to be worn again.
I feel that I should keep them as together as I can, not fragment the whole too much. I have offered to make some earrings for Maureen out of them as a thank you and as a momento.
What I will do with the rest is not yet decided.
They look so much like sweets.

My dogs eat lots of sardines. One day a cluster of empty,washed out tins were stacked on the draining board waiting to be thrown into the recycling bin when I had a little moment. A moment of " I wonder what if...."
So I bypassed the recycle bin and took them out to my workspace and had a little play.