I am a mixed media maker with a fairly eclectic practice.
 I do what I do because I love it.
 I have a day job " the skills that pay the bills" and my creative life takes place in every moment that I can carve out in the day. 
I rise very early to get in the studio every day which may explain the dreamy or surreal nature to some of my work......caught between waking and sleeping. 
I enjoy working with the unloved and discarded object as well as all things shiny and beautiful; I was probably once a magpie.
 Generally I am drawn to whatever medium lets the idea take flight.

My main aim is to speak politely about those things that lay softly in my heart and sometimes about those things that fire my soul.
Mixed media will be the format, always, because I am vey much material led.
I cannot pass an old, discarded or neglected object without imagining what it could become. 

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