Saturday, 9 August 2014

Naples yellow is my new love.

It's been a funny sort of day.

If I had a rummage I could probably find a dog eared, dauntingly long to do list.
We all know the benefits of them for keeping on track and I love'em.
Love writing them anyways.
Not so much the following through and ticking off.
Today a TDL felt a bit like tyranny.
Ergo I has not rummaged.

Time is precious. And time is short.
Always so aware of this.
The jolly old 30 minute kitchen timer trick is, as you know, a new found friend of mine and a great enabler.

So what did I do?
Abandon all the time control tricks and freefall through the day.

On the misplaced to do list is to sort out this dragonfly house.

Now, my head critic, D. W. ( pronounced dee double-yer) pulled no punches and made comments about throwing bricks at dragonflies and killing beauty!
Which is exactly the reason that D.W. holds that particular executive position.
She shoots from the hip and in ways and words that I immediately 'get'.
She also affirmed for me the notion that trusting your first instinct is often the wisest thing to do.

I am currently waiting for these houses to speak to me.
Tho small,they are deceptively the strong silent type.

While I waited for my instinct to kick in I reminded myself of all the colours in my watercolour palettes.

And I discovered and got better acquainted with a neglected Naples Yellow.

Then I made a bit of pretty. Just so I wouldn't feel I had wasted creative time.
Got to have something to show for 6 solid hours in my studio. And lots of small colourful squares just didn't cut the mustard.

For those of you who have subscribed to my inaugural newsletter let me just 'fess up that it is taking longer than expected.
I am trying to get the balance right between newsletter and spewsletter.
I kind of want to fill in some historical blanks without boring the backside off you and filling you in on future plans without making you giddy with excitement.
It's a tightrope let me tell you.