Friday, 6 June 2014

A week in images

It started with hedge trimming or what is more commonly known as a haircut; much overdue.
That was last Friday.

Personal symbols were  the subject of this weeks coursework from Jani Franck which started on Sunday.

How cute is this rook bead? Don't you love the call of rooks from their untidy nests high up in the trees. Such a harsh but evocative sound.

Summer visited today and urged me outside to see what was happening in the yard.
Mother nature will not be denied will she. And yet whenever I've tried to replicate this kind of planting she has laughed in my face and refused to play ball.

The dogs were also keen to be out warming in the sun. A tad too much warming for Hairy Herbert Senior who took shelter in the greenery.

Hairy Herbert the younger has been re named ' the dusty muppet'.
Dusty from rolling on the gravelled drive and muppet for lying full stretch and baking like a biscuit. They say, don't they, that it is mad dogs and Englishmen that lie out in the midday sun.

And inspired by the project 100 Acts of Sewing, using the pattern I bought from the Etsy shop of the same name I made a dress.
Summer dress.
 Just in case this weather lasts.

Here's hoping.