Friday, 19 April 2013

Weekend wine consumption

I won't lie. I like a glass of wine at the weekend. And for practical purposes I choose to drink from a sturdy flat bottomed glass. In other words a tumbler.
Far less likely that the Hairy Herberts will knock it over with a happy sweep of a tail.
And from previous posts you might already know how drinks can be sabotaged by the H. H.'s

So when I put this glass down on the floor, saw the beautiful shadow pattern, photographed it, posted it on Facebook, excitedly wishing to share, I should have stopped to think.
My colleague commented " interesting, like leopard print.....but is that a tumbler!!??

I consider myself rumbled. Or should that be tumbled!

Tomorrow is my favourite day. In the shop. My friend is coming in the afternoon to sit and chat and have some creative time.