Thursday, 21 March 2013

Threads of thought

Yesterday was a day of " the skills that pay the bills". I think that I have previously stated that those skills are not at all creative. I will go so far as to say that those skills are clinical. In the true sense of the word.
But, I do get to meet some lovely and interesting people, tho often, and rightly so, the conversation never gets past the usual polite pleasantries.
Just sometimes,as happened yesterday, the conversation takes a far more interesting track. So I found myself talking to a photography student about the French literary theorist and philosopher Roland Barthes and in particular his 1980 work 'Camera Lucida'. Quite took my breath away. From there we moved to talk about psychoanalytic theory in art and questions of identity and how those ideas influence or are reflected in ' the work' that we do.
Her 'work' being photography and mine being .....making cat brooches from felt!
Crafty things being the main thrust of my creative activity. Crafty things being those that I readily and happily share.
But in secret, I draw.

I have been dithering over whether to share those drawings too. Just to let them see the light of day. But the idea scares me because they are so much more personal.
However, in yesterday's conversation I reconnected with my passion for a brief moment and it is on the heels of that moment that I am posting this blog.

I feel very exposed now! And in a heart beat and a single breath I will press the publish button.......