Monday, 3 December 2012

One thing leads to another.

Twelve months ago a friend expressed a desire to make presents for Christmas and as she had no crafting experience or confidence she needed help and support to do so. Out of this was born a small group who met once a month, in the shop, to get creative together.
 It has to be said that we have drunk a lot of wine and nibbled a lot of nibbles but the fact that we have kept it going is testament to the huge satisfaction there is to be had in creativity.  
On Friday we had our Christmas party and that same friend presented me with the little piece of loveliness in this photograph. Not sure who was more delighted! Me to receive something handmade with love and attention or she who had surpassed her own expectations as to what she could achieve.
I have spoken to other friends who talk,in tones reminiscent of the confessional or the therapists couch, about a desire to make things. What it might mean to them to get reacquainted with their playful creative selves, one even said she knew it would change her life! 
They wistfully remember the creative play of childhood followed by what they deem to be years of no creative output whatsoever. Sideswiping, of course, childbearing, rearing, and homemaking. And these women who can be so confident, strident even, in their professional and or domestic lives become timorous little fluff bunnies in the face of their latent desire to be creative held in bondage to their total terror at not knowing where to begin.  This arouses strong passions in me. Sadness. Frustration. Anger, even, at all that exists which serves to corral or suppress the creative spirit.
 Consequently I am planning workshops in the New Year. ' Creativity for the terrified'.

A tiny bit of loveliness