Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New year

A teensy bit tardy.
Know someone like that?

If you've ever read this blog before you most surely do.

I am reminded of just how long it is since the last post and how much has been left unsaid.
Sooooooooo long!
It makes it hard to pick up the threads.
Where did it go?
And what happened? 

I was hoping you might be able to tell me because I'm blowed if I know!

Somehow September collided with Christmas.
 I collided with assorted sequential lurgys.
And here we are........2017 underway........ not one resolution made.
But or two of those.

Including more workshops.
I consulted with the guru Freddie.
  His best advice is always 'go for it'!

But I am also basing my decision on the success of the last two workshops where everyone including myself had a jolly good time.
It was fun and it was  simple.
Much like myself , I like to think.


Not everything was a success.
My attempt at iced buns was laughable! 
And in the end everyone was too busy creating to want more than tea or coffee anyway. Phew! 


Everyone was pleased with the results of their evening's endeavours.
I, myself, was thrilled.
When I looked at the photographs the following morning I got quite emotional.......a little bit teary in fact!
I believe, truly, that making art provides a portal to the soul, that we reveal something of our soul to ourselves and to each other, even if that is not our conscious intention. And that's exactly what I saw. And exactly why I was so thrilled. And exactly why I intend to do it again.

 The lead up to Christmas went by in a blur of making and shopping and general preparation in addition to a little home loving.
After 14 years we have finally found a decorative way of making our stairs dog proof.
Hard floors are so much easier to sweep and wash when there are two hair shedding, muddy footed hounds in the house.
 Christmas eventually came and went. For me it is always a time of hibernation, introspection and general dossing about. 
I love it. 
Especially lighting candles in the evenings, especially surrounding  a bubble filled bath. 
And this year's newly discovered  delight...... a glass of sherry whilst submerged in those bubbles. Who knew!? 
My grandmama, most probably, who was partial to a good glug of sherry in her signature dish  of 'diggy-vous' 
A.K.A. 'Trifle', to the uninitiated.
Although even to us, the initiated, the whys of it are a mystery.
That doesn't stop us celebrating with 'diggy-vous' at any opportunity. Christmas Day being ideal.

 Anyhoo whilst lolling about in bubbles with sherry the idea came to me to open a second  Etsy shop and to name it DiggyVous  full as it is, of trinkets, trifles and treasures.


But not this trinket. This and others like it are for hanging in the shop window. Just for prettiness. 
I decoupaged some gorgeous tissue paper with a  butterfly design onto
Christmas ornaments and then handpainted flowers too. 
It has kept me happy as I recover from, what I seriously hope will be, the last lurgy for a while.
Just as much as I hope that this will be the first in a line of slightly more frequent blogposts.
Fingers crossed on both scores.
Happy 2017 to you all.