Sunday, 22 January 2017

Shall we build bridges

So, how's it going in your corner of the world?
Your corner and my corner are not so far apart really, are they.
It seems that the world grows smaller every day with our interwebby connectivity and constantly streaming news. 
And it has been a colourful week hasn't it? In the news. 
What with The Inauguration........colour that whichever way you want.......and the pink marches.
Don't blanch with anxiety, I'm not going to talk politics. 
I'm not smart enough for that. 
Or well informed enough.
 Besides, I'll remind you of what I said in blog one, or maybe two: I believe that the world needs more light and not more darkness and to that end this little blog of mine, and my life actually, tries to focus on the sunnier aspects of being. 
Not in a Pollyanna-ish way but in a determined and constructive way I do try to seek the good stuff.

Can you picture me now, 
sitting at my dining room table,
 basking in the warm winter sun, 
making my bits of frippery, with my fingers, metaphorically, in my ears, 
going la la la la la la, as I try to tune out the news of .......well you know what goes on in the news. 
It ain't good.
But  it is not possible or healthy to live in a vacuum.
Things happen both at home and on the world stage. 
And we respond, emotionally if nothing else.
 Creating is almost always my refuge.
 I find solace in the meditative, repetitive processes. 
Surrounding myself with colour and beautiful things makes me feel more aligned and calm.
That's just my way.
And I know just how troubled I am when housework provides the same balm.
I suppose it is a reaction to the the wider disorder; creating domestic order.
Right now things are clean. 
And tidy.
Even the dogs are a bit freaked out because their bedcovers are getting washed on the weekly!!!

But, as I have been plodding on, merrily making shawl pins and brooches a sound bite has been rolling around in my head.
Fake news.

Ok, so,maybe you should blanch now!

A very dear friend sent me a text message from the other side of the Atlantic showing a photo of one of the marches in Calfornia. 
An inspiring, comforting, hopeful sight.
And I wondered if perhaps the majority of the news could be seen to be fake, or at least the slant of it. That it does not present the whole truth. 
Not in anyway denying the terrible things that really are happening. 
Not at all.
Let's be clear on that.
But denying that we are powerless to change things. 
Denying that hatred can ever really triumph over love.
Disallowing the mind control of much of the media.
 Acknowledging that the vast majority of humanity wants pretty much the same things and that unity is possible.
What if we were bombarded by news of all the kind, brave and wonderful things that people do individually and collectively. 
What if we looked for and supported the good in each other.
 Looked for our similarities and points of connection rather than the points of difference.
We could build bridges not walls. 
We really, really could.
And lest you think I am all mouth and no action let me just say that's the whole reason I stepped out of my comfort zone and wrote this post, to be accountable. To get up off my recently enlarged bum. Damn the Christmas overload. And puff up my introverted little self in readiness for engagement and action.
Oh my!! 
I am aware that this is quite a confused post. Words and images chafing a bit.
But that's my life.
What goes on in my head and what comes away from my fingers are a bit at odds with each other.
I try and reconcile it.
All. The. Time.