Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ice.... not nice!

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Took the Hairy Herberts for their early morning jaunt at 7, which is an heroic hour for me to be up and out on a Sunday. Even more so in the snow. We had a lovely time until I stepped on someone's carefully cleared, lethally icy drive and my feet went out from beneath me in true cartoon style. Found myself flat on my back having whacked my head on the pavement on the way down. I just lay there for a few seconds and assessed the damage. No blood. Everything moved. Head hurt like fury. So I got up and cried all the way home. Shock, I suppose.
I am having a quiet day, feeling rather bruised and stiff.
But, I was busy yesterday.

After using the felted jumpers to upholster the throne last week I was left with lots of snippets and a desire to stitch them up.

So I made these little brooches.

Like the other felted brooches they will be £5 each.

And I made more of these too.£ 4.50

The sun is shining behind the clouds now. I hope that is true where ever you are too.