Saturday, 6 April 2013

Messy play with dinosaurs.

Saturday. My favourite day of the week. Today was a sunny Saturday so I was as a pig in clover. Saturdays I am always in the shop/my sewing room/ studio or whatever people perceive my messy creative space to be.

Today I had a brief. A request from a friend, my goddaughter's mum, to make some brooches. It involved dinosaurs. One red, one bright blue. Not that inspiring.

I got all the fabrics out and buttons and threads. Spread myself out a bit and started to play.

The first one I made in the style of the cat brooches so I knew where I was with the design and construction.

With the second one I decided to play a bit more.

I was happy with both the end results and packaged them up ready to deliver this evening when we went for a triple birthday dinner. Friend(10/4), goddaughter (18/4), me (4/4).
They were well received and I feel compelled to add that the recipient is aged 20 not 7 as you might have imagined.
I was given a rather jolly book. Knitted Cats and Kittens by Sue Stratfield.

This splendid character is Super Cat and he made me 'lol' as they say.

As soon as I saw him I was certain that I would have to knit one for my son, also not 7 and quite a bit older than 20! But, I can't tell you how much older because then the maths gets very complicated. That's what happens when you start lying about your age.