Sunday, 24 March 2013

More thoughts on theory and art

I can't take credit for this tho I wish I could.
This is a Ramblin' Randall.
I have asked his permission to post this picture. And was kind of surprised when he agreed because he is as good at self promotion as a chocolate teapot is at holding hot liquid.
He is a quiet self sufficient kind of chap with a fascination for people's faces that seems at odds with his lack of interest in socialising and dislike of crowded places.
This quiet, from the corner, observing and recording what is seen, was something that the photographer from Wednesday also engaged in.
Whenever R.R. and I compare photos we have individually taken of the same subject I am always aware that he sees things,or aspects of things, that I do not.
I look at this image and I want to know the story behind the face. Is that just me?

And this one? It reminds me of Hopper with the disengaged gaze of the subjects from each other and from the viewer. Now straying into Lacan territory!
Meanwhile I have been grappling with my new Janome embellishing machine. It did take the entire day! But, I have managed to make an inchie ( a new concept to me that I rather like) and a 2x4ie . There's mileage in it for sure.

All the while I was making prettiness I was continuing with the thread of thought started on Wednesday. The thought about the divide between art and craft. The creative impulse generally. And specifically the randomness of my own makings and musings.

I drew out and dusted off a fragment of memory about Rosika Parker and 'The Subversive Stitch' and I got excited again. Not that I think the little black sheep in my wooly winter wonderland is deserving of any theoretical underpinning. No. No. No.
But I do think these ideas help me to focus. Perhaps become a bit less random.
I have a busy day scheduled today but I am determined to find some time to play. Playing with these ideas in mind. Hope you all have a happy Sunday.