Friday, 20 September 2013

No stitch patchwork

In my mind are many plans for Christmassy makes.
Also in mind is the knowledge that for any of these plans to come to fruition I need to knuckle down and get on with making. But, I am on holiday! Yay!
To be precise a two week break from the 'skills that pay the bills'.
A stacation not a vacation.
It is my idea of bliss to be at home with no set agenda, no clock to watch and no early morning commute.
Although, I love early morning starts where I can stay in my jim-jams and 'hit the ground running'. That is to say I can wake up and tackle whatever has been brewing in my sub brain overnight. Occasionally that thought may be to primp and spruce the house, or create order out of all the mounting mail but usually it is to do something creative.

Like a magpie I am attracted to sparkly objects. Over time I have collected a number of these sweet, elderly little vases and one morning this week I woke with the sure and certain knowledge of what I wanted to do with them.
So it was that I found myself in my studio, in my jammys at 6.15 a.m. making these.

T'was a tad chilly! Autumn seems to have arrived in full force.
I had a brief, downhearted moment at the thought of the wintry chill to come then cosied up with thoughts of stew and dumplings....and snuggling under blankets or preferably cosy patchwork quilts. colourful.....such a lot of painstaking stitching....and the look but not the so many lovely fabrics and scraps and.....I wonder.......
So it went in my brain.
And it led to this.

Fabric scraps glued to canvas.

As yet unfinished. In truth it was a little more time consuming and fiddly than I expected and I am not sure about it. I shall commit it to my sub brain and revisit it later no doubt.
One week down, one to go.
Happy, happy, happy!