Saturday, 18 May 2013

Dogs and dinosaurs

I apologise unreservedly from my heart if this blog post is a disappointment to you.
It is an experiment.
Some experiments I laud and some I do not. The personal,playful, potentially creative ones are A, my book but those that manipulate people are not. And I have to admit that this is a tad manipulative. Despite myself, I can't help it.
Blogging is still a new form to me. In the absence of comments from people I am at a loss as to what my readership derives from my posts. I look at my stats and I see that the dog pages and dinosaurs get attention!
So this title is from my mad scientist brain. I just want to see if it solicits a record number of hits.
Can I please now say that if you read my blog and have tried unsuccessfully to comment could you let me know via my Facebook page:- Quirk Strangeness and Charm.
For anyone who is revisiting with some visual expectations based on previous visits I now give you some random images that I hope will buy forgiveness for the tone of this post.
And for those seeking dogs and dinosaurs; both can be found in previous posts and will probably feature here again sometime.
Oh what the hell, it is repetition,but dogs and dinosaurs they come... In amongst all the randomness...

Dinosaur brooch made for Emma.

Hairy Herbert junior.

A beautiful ceramic bowl that I bought on etsy.

Hairy Herbert senior. He is a whole story in himself.

H.H.J. Again,cos he is photogenic .

Ramblin' Randall's photography in the kitchen.

Moi! Unobserved.

H.H. Senior and Junior in a rare and lovely moment of peace.

Me and the H. Herberts.

??? What can I say?

Inside my studio.

The three bums in Bristol.

A bit of frippery.

If you have got here can you tell me how you managed it.