Saturday, 14 June 2014

Melancholy baby.

I have made discoveries.
Two to be exact.
It transpires that I am a melancholy bird.
I knew that.
Mostly I resist it, because from melancholy to morose is hardly a leap, it is just an itty bitty step. One that I take all too often, all too easily.
F.Y.I an easy typo to make leads you to Morse.......the inspector.....who was morose.
I made that particular typo in a forum this week where the link between depression and art making was discussed.

Munch. May not have been a happy chappy, guessing this was on a good day.

Now, I have me ups and I have me downs.
 I have known heartache as have we all.
And there is an artistic fuel to be found in the sadnesses we experience to be sure.
But, just how far do you take it?
Keep it real.
Don't be fake.
Advice worth heeding. Clearly advice many have taken.
And I commend all those who are out of any closet or prison that they were once in but I said in one of my very first posts that I believe what the world needs is more light not more darkness. Sharing the darkness can be very healthy, can be very good I can't deny that but I don't want to do it.

Van Gogh, he had his ups and downs.
 There is something febrile in his painting.
 Standing before one, I cried. I will love him forever simply because he could do that.

So in a way this is a preemptive apology for all those times that my work is tinged by sadness, or darkness.
Bless you Frances for the reassurance that you find my blog humorous....although you didn't sound too sure that you were supposed to!
I am greatly relieved that you do.

My second discovery was more the confirmation that less is often more.
And then I completely threw that lesson out of the window and made myself an enchanted necklace inspired by the weeks activities on the days of enchantment course.

Also course led was the creation of an enchanted space the focus of which was this lovely piece of art by Holly Sierra on Etsy

And looking further at personal ones; I rediscovered the ironing board. Symbolically.

Long story, probably boring story, short ; it reminds me to keep personal boundaries and to not let my energy seep away where I do not wish seepage to occur.

Just to contradict my sunshiny little self I am going to admit that I got angry this week and.....and.......I did a whole episode of grumpy.
But the thing I learned from doing some journal pages about the who and the why and the where and unfair of it all is that I like to make pretty. Even with the ugly.

Not too sure if that is healthy. I have a psychoanalyst friend who could probably get much mileage out of that. But, I have my fingers in my,la,la,la,la.

This pinky splodged affair is me letting my inner 5 year old out to play with paints. Intuitive drawing was the remit. Face splittingly smiley fun was the result.
I hope your face splits with a smile, that grumpy stays underground with the other dwarves and and that your inner 5 year old gets out to play with whatever floats your boat. Xxxxx