Monday, 10 June 2013

Going on a pilgrimage

Continuing with the e course.
Among the homework set for this week was the task of going on a pilgrimage!!

My understanding of the word is that it means a journey to a place, commonly a shrine, of moral or spiritual significance to the pilgrims beliefs.
I had help from Wikipedia with this.
Needed to pare down to the bare bones because a trip to an ashram in India was out of the question.
I don't attend Church and whatever I did had to fit in around the normal working week. So yet again I though of the car park that I use on those days of 'the skills that pay the bills'. It happens to be a Church car park. Very apt. And the meter has significance and symbolism for me.
I felt it appropriate to make an offering, perhaps to appease some deity, so I took a pansy and laid it on top.

The following morning my pansy lay face down on the concrete. Adorned by raindrops. Taken there by the wind I am sure.

I posted the photographs on the student Facebook page and someone commented.........on my shoes!

The following morning without my intervention the pansy was face up.

Now you may ask, as I have asked myself, what purpose did this serve?
And as yet I am not too sure.
But, things are a changing.