Saturday, 20 September 2014

A visit from a dream burnishing fairy.

You know how it is.
Someone comes into your life from an unexpected direction and brings with them a fresh wind that blows through your cobwebs.
Yeah, yeah, it disturbs dust.
But that is a good thing.
Even when the dust is shamefully thick and makes you cough.

So it was today.
By participating in an art swap I met with the rather lovely and youthful Freya Perry.

She came to my studio.
We swapped art.
Drank tea.
Wagged our chins. ( just the two; one each.)
And she lovingly, gently, gave me a much needed, boot up the backside.
In her presence I saw the size and shape of my own fear.
But, ....big but,....... I caught a glimpse of my fading dream.....and it started to glow brighter.
Now several hours later it is ablaze!

What a gift she gave to me.
In giving some honest feedback about my studio she used a word that struck me in my solar plexus like a small fist.


In answer to her question I had to admit that I do not like to be visible.

Now, if you are snorting....( and I can see why you might) let me just say that the me that is here, and the me that inhabits my shop, the one that is on facebook and also Etsy is actually a little crab.
I draw up to everything sideways on and very slowly.
I am unlikely to add bells and whistles, flashing neon signs or even anything big to draw your attention.
Because I am shy.
And I lack confidence.

Just facts.
Not a sob story of any sort.

But.....the outer pretty much always reflects the inner.
And as I looked around my space with fresh eyes I saw that my outer was reflecting more and more the lack of confidence and less and less the celebration of all things bright and beautiful.
And so it was that I set to with joyful purpose and a feather duster and began to make changes.

One baby step at a time.