Friday, 17 May 2013

If dogs could talk......

I can't remember whether this was recorded formula one or a film but Ramblin' Randall and Hairy Herbert senior were engrossed. H. H. Junior and I were doing our own thing

Because H.H. Senior likes to do what a dog's gotta do somewhere other than his own turf he goes out last thing at night for a short stroll.
Film/ car racing over. Time to go!
"Ahem! Could I just have your attention?"

" you know how it is.....I hate dragging you out....but let's get that lead and go..."

" no shenanigans .....just a quick Thanks mate"

" I love my man"

" and I am quite fond of the old woman too"

This is H.H. Junior showing his ,very deceptive, butter-wouldn't-melt-in-the-mouth face.
Hard to believe this angelic hound took off when out on a walk and disappeared for 5 HOURS!!! yesterday.

Sometimes I do wonder what madness is it that possesses pet owners. For all the joy animals bring there is a borderline masochism involved in sharing your heart with an animal.