Sunday, 25 November 2012

Finally the Christmas window is finished. Not the best photo but hey ho! Or should that be ho, ho, ho! Feelin' Christmassy! It's the Christmas lights that do it for me. Every year I  buy more fairy lights some of which get to stay up all year. This year I have bought a highly intelligent, very versatile set. Battery powered with 7 sequence options  which turn themselves off after 6 hours and turn themselves back on again at the same time as the first 6 hour sequence began! £20 from Waitrose. What a bargain.I have also bought silver filagree hearts and butterflies.  B&Q and Asda respectively and a dinky set of red hearts from Waitrose again. Kitsch perhaps but when if not at Christmas can you safely indulge your inner 70's glam rock diva.