Saturday, 22 March 2014

Marshmallows as currency.

In my world this is currency........I wish.

My new friend Mr Power, he who set the sardine tin challenge, gave me marshmallows as thanks for a craft session on Friday.
Marshmallows are another thing along with creativity that Mr P and I have in common.

What is it about marshmallows that makes them so yummy? They are after all just a lot of air surrounded by sweet gloop.

It turns out that my other little friend who comes and shares crafty time likes marshmallows too. She came to visit today and we made a dent in the super-sized bag together while we looked at her new drawings.

Before she left I lent her a book to help her develop those drawings in stitch and passed on some materials that I no longer had use for.

We discussed ideas and shared names of artists whose work we admired.

We chatted about our favourite art supply shops.

And I tried to work simultaneously across these pages.
Some got finished and some need work.

I find it rather delightful to share this time in this way with these people.

All the more because Mr P is a young man in his early 30's little crafty girl is 12/13 and I am 54.
Art is a great leveller. I've always thought so. It cuts across age, gender, race and religion. It also bypasses intellect and mental capacity. That to me is something precious and a little bit glorious.