Saturday, 15 March 2014

Artist's statement.....whispered

I remember writing artist's statements at uni and hating every single word of them. I always used to think ' if I wanted to write I'd be doing a creative writing course....visual art is visual....dah!'

Well,.... dah! me, because in trying to understand what I am doing creatively I have had to resort to writing it down. It started with random one liners and borrowed phrases.....moved moving on still but bears more than a passing resemblance to.....who'd have thought guessed artist's statement.

And, shock horror, it really helps.

And I am going to share it. Well some of it.

Now that makes me very uncomfortable but to share it will make it real. Cast it in concrete.

I do not enjoy company so much that I seek it out. I ain't great at parties and social gatherings of any sort. Big or small. Ask any of my work colleagues. They'll tell you.

My preferred way of being in the world and of expressing myself is through creating and sharing that which I have made. That comes as naturally to me as breathing. The output part at any rate.

I have ideas about the way the world is and how it could be, ideas that I wish to share quietly, preferably riding on the back of beauty. It is my way of speaking politely those things that I feel passionately about.

That's not it....really...but, I feel naked now.