Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hairy Herberts centre stage

It never ceases to amaze me how dogs seem to know just how far they can push their luck and how to redeem themselves with cuteness. Hairy Herbert the younger has entered the doggy equivalent of teenage rebellion just as Hairy Herbert the elder is becoming a mature, reliable, adult hound.
I console myself with the fact that it could be worse.
They could both now be suffering from selective deafness!

Several times each week one or the other of us says " who ever had the crazy notion that two dogs would be no more work than one!!!???"

But looking at them both lolling lazily in the sunshine today made me feel very happy and forgiving.

These sunny days have turned my attention to our outdoor space. It is small and we grow lots of things in pots. In the small area where we sit I grow scented plants like this jasmine that entwines Annie. I look forward to the day when it carries its sweet perfumed flowers again.
Outdoors my collections take on a more macabre twist.
Still some coloured glass.

And these beauties which I have posted before.

This is a lovely time of year.
Everything is still to come.
I am aware,as I write this, of the exquisite nature of life and the need to savour all the details, to stop and smell the roses, or more seasonally the narcissi.
Only yesterday Dusty Springfield, on the radio, sang about living days instead of counting years. Jolly good advice I think.