Saturday, 21 June 2014

More things to do with a duvet cover

Or.....wearing a duvet cover and loving it!
Now, I like to think that I have style.
Quite what that style is defies description much of the time.

There exists in me remnants of the girl who took pride in a tartan sleeved, Bay City Rollers crombie.
For any readers who do not parlez that lingo just accept it was a fashion "must have" that existed briefly,a long, long time ago.
It has to be said,for a particular, small group of pre and pubescent girls that probably had no dress sense but did care about what they wore.
And somehow in the intervening years I went from that to this picture above.
It took the attrition of green issues, the increasing desire for post menopausal comfort, the sheer delight in doing it for oneself, and the open mouthed horror at the price tag of £80,in a bijoux boutique,for a simple shift dress to get here. But, here I am.