Sunday, 29 June 2014


My mission this week, should I choose to accept it, is to be idle.
Yeah baby!
This week's course material is simply a call to idleness. And, as I am currently on holiday it should be a doddle.

The dogs seem to have settled to idleness quite nicely in this lovely sun filled holiday cottage. A good race around on a vast and empty beach helped them find their way.

My first beach find was beautifully covered in barnacles when I spied it. Turns out are they were not robust enough to survive a journey in my hand bag.......disintegrated.
Much like the accretions that were clinging invisibly to me......those fell away and were carried off on the salty breeze. My insides and my outsides relaxed and softened in the warmth of the sun and I felt myself restored by the blue sky and turquoise sea.

Sufficiently restored and stirred to get out my paints and play, idly of course.

And it did feel very idle. We are not watching the clock. Not eating 3 square meals a day. Our days are not defined in any way.

I leave these materials out and we eat whatever we fancy when we fancy in amongst the colourful chaos.

I am very blessed with a beloved who takes me just as I am.

So blessed by his patience.
When I found an albatross skeleton on the beach ( either an albatross or pterodactyl, not sure, it was huge) I did actually listen to his reasons why taking the, not completely finished rotting, skull with me was not necessarily an altogether bright idea. I think he may have had a point.
It was awesome though.
If you like that sort of thing.

I am liking idleness.
Like there was ever any doubt that I would!

Idleness leaves gaps, space between thought and activity where you can hear those things that are usually drowned out by busyness.

You can really hear yourself think. And blow me you can really hear what it is that you have to say back.