Thursday, 13 June 2013

Craft group night

Friday night was craft group night. This year we have dwindled. We have met infrequently and not always in our entirety.
Consequently the studio/ shop has seen quite a few changes and a there has been lots of making since we last all got together. This was commented upon. The quantity of the making not necessarily the quality.
There is nothing heroic about it. I neglect many things in order to have time to create

One of the things that the e course has brought to the fore is that prolific might be a fitting word to describe my creative output but focused?..... not fitting at all.
I am a dabbler.
If asked ' what do you do', 'what is your 'thing''? I could waffle out an answer given time. In truth I don't really know.
I aim to find out.
Finishing all the 'half mades' is a must. Space clearing physically and mentally.

I have had a spring clean in the studio and reshuffled my storage in readiness.

These earrings fulfil my promise to Maureen to give her a momento of her mother's beads which is one less item on the 'to do' list.

Collages, started recently, are something I love to do. It's very playful. I get into a seriously sticky mess, bit like a 5 year old. I want to do more of these and try and find my own style with them.

And moving on with the sardine tins will be another ongoing project.