Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A work finished

These scarves in various colours have been selling really well. No two are ever the same and I love making them. I finished this one tonight and have another one on the go which I hope to finish before the shop opens again on Saturday. All my spare time, away from my day job, is spent making. It's funny how work that you love seems a lot less like work than the work that you do to pay the bills! Happy are those that can combine the two. 

Owing to technical ineptitude......

I was trying to edit a post and managed to delete it instead. So, forgive me for repeating these photos but I wanted to show these lovely necklaces that are now available in our shop. Unique handmade beads made by Debbie. Chunky, funky  and individual.

 I also wanted to show an example of the felties that I made on Saturday. A bit of a work in progress but quite cute I feel.
Another work in progress.......