Saturday, 22 November 2014

After a cloudy start.....

As you know my week started under cloud and threat of rain.

My wise psychotherapist friend pointed out that the insights that came through these recent events and emotions would inevitably fade. And perhaps that was just as it should be. Return to all that was normal was the order of the day.
And for once, surprisingly, I disagreed with her.

One of the insights that I had was that in the main I liked my life.
All the component parts. Including to my amazement " the skills that pay the bills"!!
Call me contrary.
I can take it.
I would prefer to re-jig the balance a bit.........quite a bit.
And indeed I think I should.
But in the main. Things are dandy.

Especially dandy when I get uninterrupted time in the studio.
Great tunes on the iPod and no cloud on the horizon to dampen my joy or impede my imaginings and playful experimenting.

Making Christmas frippery.

And colourful trinkets.

On Saturday a rather lovely lady bought this yo-yo bouquet to wear in her hair.....minus the vase of course. Tho she was the sort who could have carried the vase off with great style! She ignited my curiosity because she had a calm spirit carried in an exuberant exterior.
Accompanied by her friend we three had a long chat.

A chat that revived the idea of workshops.
Or more accurately, creative gatherings.
Small gatherings. An extension of what I do with my monster making friend and the young chap.
Just to hold a space where a small group can come together and share in,and exchange some, creative energy. Working on their own projects with help if they need it. Pooling resources and ideas.
The impact of the last fortnight leads me to consider all the reasons why this is a good idea and blinkered to all the usual misgivings and doubts that usually surface and prevent progress.

So, any local readers who might be interested please put your hands up.