Monday, 1 April 2013

How to make a fool of yourself

Read between the lines if you will. Or the photo's.

Fancy dress is one of those things I think you either love or hate.
I hate.
But for your friends you do things that go a bit against the grain.
For their 40th you feel obliged to make a pillock of yourself if requested to.
I have to add that after some bolstering red wine I quite enjoyed myself. Even though when I got home and caught sight of myself in the mirror my heart sank like a stone.
So maybe my attempt at tree climbing was ill advised from the start. When you are deflated and your pride is dented risking failure is not likely to end well.
And it didn't.
I picked a tree that had close spaced branches, left right, left right, all the way up. When I was 8 it would have been a doddle.
I think my bulky coat was the biggest hindrance. But Ramblin' Randall thinks that's a very poor excuse. Not in the spirit of a true adventurer.
Can you imagine Ranulph Fiennes saying 'I didn't get to the Pole because my coat was too bulky.'?
Fair point.
Quite demoralised and feeling every single one of my years I went off to play in my studio.

I feel better now.