Monday, 21 July 2014

Can you see what it is yet.....

Brace yourself.
In the ,seemingly, never ending de-cluttering I came face to face with this canvas. Something I started many moons ago in a fit of........
maybe just a fit, thinking about it.
I took it out to the studio to paint over it and do something else.........good idea you say?
But, something stayed my hand.

And I had another little go at it.
I shared it on a forum to get some feedback......that took some courage let me tell you.
And it raised all sorts of questions in my mind.

Painting, quite frankly, freaks me out.
Making a painting is too much like making a declaration that I consider myself to be an artist and gives the viewer the option to disagree.
And I will let you into a little secret. I want to be an artist with 10 times the passion and fervour that I had when I wanted to be a ballet dancer at age 5.
So I don't want anyone to disagree.
But you can, of course you can.

And talking of can(s).......
This week I restocked my etsy shop and shared many of my new designs on my facebook page. In so doing I found out just exactly what people do think. Reviews were generally favourable. But I did get gently teased too.

My romantic, melancholy scene of " the leaving" got renamed " zombie pigeon fancier and girlfriend having a tiff"
The thing is once it was said I could see it too!

I was careful to point out that this morose little chap was a seagull and not a pigeon. Sad apparently because he had alighted on a rock and not the half chewed bread roll he thought he had spied from above!!
See what I am up against!
However this did make me genuinely L.O.L as they say. And I got really helpful, constructive criticism and positive feedback all from the same source. Not to mention a sale. Happy me!

"homecoming through the tangled web of dreams and expectation...."
I know I am leaving myself wide open with this.

But butterflies? You are surely safe with butterflies......