Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cat crazy.......

Before the dawn of the Hairy Herberts I had always had cats as pets. Ever since I was eighteen and first lived away from 'home' I have had a series of  cats to keep me company, to wordlessly welcome me home and each one has left its own warm memory. I suspect that I am a cat person at heart. Which is no doubt why I bought these cat buttons without any idea what I would do with them.
They remind me of the fuzzy felt toy that I had as a child. Although my fuzzy felt was all about farm animals I can't believe it would have been complete without a farm cat or two.

As I said in a previous blog post, the remnants of felt left over from upholstery sparked this idea for brooches. And this idea is becoming something of an obsession. An obsession with consequences.

The buttons come in black, grey or ginger. To date I have made quite a few brooches mixing and matching the cat colours to various background combinations and they have generally been well received in my shop and on Etsy.

 Then I had an enquiry from a lady in America. Her passion is for calico cats.  In my ignorance I wasn't sure what a calico cat was. As it turns out it is what we Brits know as a tortoiseshell. Very pretty but neither black nor grey nor ginger.
She posed me a creative challenge which I am endeavouring to rise to. Tho, as she rightly pointed out, this project is not going to make me wealthy I feel compelled to find a solution.