Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Gin Diaries

Still life. The last lily from my mother’s day flowers in a silent pool gin bottle. 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will know that I have been experimenting with gin concoctions.
I gather it is quite a trend and one that I’m sure would have passed me by had it not been for the genius birthday gift from my younger son.

Having latched on to a comment I made about wanting to declutter..... which I have to say is something yet to happen.....and let’s be honest, not that support of that desire.... he wanted to give me something that would not add to the general mayhem that is my abode. 
Bless him.
Little did he know what he was unleashing.

Silent pool gin with hibiscus flowers and rose petals and rose lemonade... calling this one ‘purple haze’ 

First came  the innocent  little tins of botanicals in their hessian sack which I feel I should wear on some splendid belt and possibly be wearing lace fingerless gloves when I open it!!! It all feels a little bit witchy somehow. My own little sack of magical possibility.

Hendricks gin with added juniper berries, lemon balm ice cube, lemon slice and Mediterranean tonic. Calling this one ‘robust’

Needless to say I have neither of the aforementioned but I have acquired other accoutrements. The not adding to the clutter idea has fallen at the first hurdle which is me.

After some initial research and experimentation with good old Gordon’s I realised that there was so much more.

Rhubarb gin infused with cardamom topped up with angostura tonic. I’m calling this ‘top contender’ for being my favourite

Flavoured gins, gins with different ‘characters’!
 I did try one that was rather gruff. 
And who knew there were so many tonics!!!!
and fancy pants ice cubes. 
I am a great believer in the taste of a drink being influenced by the vessel it is drunk from,  so glasses..... got me a couple of those.

And so space was made in the larder for a bit of gin kit including a proper measure because I didn’t want to get legless and the weekend ritual of gin was born.

Silent pool gin infused with hibiscus and topped up with fever tree elderflower tonic. For added pretty it has hibiscus ice cubes floating in it. Calling this one ‘flowerfest’

Maths is not my strong suit but I’m fairly sure that with the number of variables ie gin, tonic, botanical and ice cube the possible number of combination exceeds ummpity um.

Bombay sapphire gin no added botanical just viola ice cube, lime slice and lemon tonic. This one is ‘oh so pretty’ 

But I have made a start. 
And the only way to know what I’ve put together and what I would like to try next is to keep a record. Hence the Gin Diaries.

Goodbye week off work, sad to see you go. I salute you with rhubarb gin infused with mellow light and Chris Smithers.... no botanicals. Calling this one ‘perfect’