Saturday, 21 September 2013


I read a book about blogging. It said, 'don't post pictures of your pets.' Apparently people don't want to hear someone else wittering on about their Frodo,Fido or Fifi. However cute their antics seem to the pet owner, to others it is just yawn, yawn, yawn.
And he is! Hairy Herbert the younger. Looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. So very deceptive. That mouth holds the machinery of destruction. You may remember the chewed wallet that was the subject of a previous post.

Well, the beast has struck again. This time he ferreted out of my cavernous handbag the newish sketchbook in which I had begun to exercise the discipline of daily doodles. He could have selected my kindle, phone or IPod. I have to be grateful it was my sketchbook but I feel a sense of very personal affront that he chose to eat my doodles.

I won't lie.
I was cross.
The daft thing was he knew he'd been bad before I said a word. All I did have to say was ' did you do this?' and he went belly up, tail wagging like a mad thing.
Now, days later, I only have to show him the remnant and he goes into full on doggy appeasement.

Now this is probably just a random act of doggy vandalism induced by boredom but..... I can't help but see it as a lesson to be learned.
Possibly two lessons.
Number one obviously being keep your valuables out of dog reach.
But the other lesson is, I think, to work with what is.
In a busy life it can seem that events, big and small, conspire to keep you from creative endeavour. It is all too easy to waste precious moments wishing for the perfect stretch of uninterrupted time or to feel the lack of the perfect tools and materials.
My chewed sketchbook is quite a humorous reminder, to me, of this.

So I am going to carry on using this book.
I will let you know how it goes.