Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mostly today.....I have been busy

This is the price I have had to pay today for neglecting the younger of the Hairy Herberts in favour of frantic activity in my studio. When bored he chews. Luckily, because it is not good stuff for dogs to eat, he just disemboweled the bed and spat the stuffing out.....everywhere! Unlucky for me because it made one hell of a mess and unlucky for the older Hairy Herbert because it was in fact his bed that got eaten. Herbert the younger is daft but not that daft.

I am making new things at the moment. Fleshing out ideas. Some successful and some less so. I get so excited and then so despondent.
Happy making.....

......then had a failure. And just as despondency descended my good friend arrived to take me out to lunch and to visit a couple of new craft outlets.
Red is in my head at the moment. Valentines, I guess. But today I was mesmerised by a ceramic bowl,glossy, lip smacking red, slightly dotty white with floral statements in rich, regal,peacock blue and turquoise. I loved it and if I had the £ 200, and was in fact the type who could spend that kind of money on frippery, then I would have bought it and smiled inwardly, possibly outwardly, every day that I clapped eyes on it.

As it was I came home and made more earrings.

And springy centred flower brooches. Rhymes with pooches. Which is the only way I can remember how to spell the word and kind of brings me back to where I started.

Love is all about forgiveness! Does the elder Herbert ( right) look like he forgives?