Friday, 19 September 2014


Star light

Star bright

First star I see tonight

Wish I may

Wish I might

Have the wish

I wish tonight

My dad taught me that

on starry, moonlit walks through Top Camp woods to the library.

In my memory I spent the summers playing in the woods and the winters reading adventure stories.

Such magic.

Starlit skies.

My Dad expressing the romanticism that lay beneath a stern exterior.

The stories that he told and the stories that I read.

The first sight of any star in any sky brings all that back.

These beauties are made by Louise Allen.

I have said elsewhere that this photo does not do them justice and I cannot emphasise that enough.

I bought a little box of 5 beautifully crafted, exquisite stars which are just a joy to behold and will be adorning my Christmas twig this year.

Louise also made this funky little heart necklace. Which will adorn moi but may also make an appearance as a garland on the twig.

Oh how I wish I could refer to myself as twig!!

Heading closer to the girth of a redwood cedar after a short break in the Somerset countryside and Clifton area of Bristol.

So much great coffee, food and cake in less than half a square mile around my son's flat.

The primrose cafe in particular and their wellness salad was scrumptious.

The random bus is just ....random.

Bristol has random down to a fine art.

On one visit I was treated to the sight of a naked man on a unicycle.

Oh yes I was!

More fantabulous coffee at Durslade Farm, Bruton.

Oh and fantabulous art too.

An exhibition of Phylida Barlow's work and a permanent ( I think) spider by Louise Bourgeoise.

Tho I have to say I was confused by the timing of the grand opening of the garden.

Designed by Piet Oudolf  it  was clearly at its best much earlier in the summer.

A tad disappointing.

I just didn't get it!

But what I did get, in spades,

(an unintended pun)

from the whole trip, was inspiration and time to just be,

to breathe and relax.

And I hadn't realised just how much I needed that.