Friday, 20 June 2014

Would I lie to you....

From red to blue.
Tho something that I notice is that the 'grumpy red' of my previous post had a stillness to it that the 'blue calm' does not.
So it would appear - I lie!

But, I was feeling calm and very happy when I did this in the early morning, 30 minute , pre work, arty slots.

There may be an element of crowing in this post.....please forgive it.
It is just me being cheer leader to myself lest I forget what I can achieve in a week alongside using " the skills that pay the bills".
Oh, I should add, when I also forgo cooking, cleaning, TV watching ( no pain there in football season), and laying in bed till the very last minute.

These journal pages were a response to a comment about the "blue calm" being reminiscent of willow patterned china. And also a vehicle for me to use the hexagonal lid to a cheese-spread pot that was languishing, squeaky clean, on the draining board.

Et voila! Willow patterned patchwork to hold the patchwork of my thoughts.

The week began with the love notes postcard project. Never having participated in any form of art swap I was a little.....anxious.
So I stuck with what I know and collaged a card.

The words were prompted by ' begin each day.....'
I can only hope that the recipient will have as much pleasure in getting it as I did in making it. Another occasion when my inner 5 year old let rip.

I had to take this photo.
My dog and I communicate telepathically and he clearly was saying 'ere this is me best side, go on, take me photo'
He might also have said ' tummy in...*!!*s out' but a plane went over and I lost the signal for a bit.
Deranged!? Moi?
Of course.

The dusty muppet again. Woken from his nap by me hanging the two dresses that I have been hemming on the wall to photograph.
His patience knows no bounds.