Sunday, 18 August 2013

Theft and giveaway.

Summer months are always busy aren't they. Even when the school holidays don't impact on life anymore the usual routines seem to go out of the window in July and August.
For us it began with a very welcome and enjoyable camping and canoeing trip.
 Then a very welcome and hugely enjoyable trip to Oxford to see older son graduate. At 28, a returner to education, he acquitted himself well having made the brave choice to leave employment and rack up debt!! It is frightening to consider the financial shackles the young have from the outset.
These then are some of the reasons that blogging has gone by the wayside.
I have not been idle though. I have been busy making.
Occupying much of the making time are the sardine tins. They are very satisfying but time consuming to produce which is probably why the theft of one from the shop caused me such distress.
'Twas the one below that went A.W.O.L. 

My level of distress was disproportionate it has to be said.
But hey ho........

I am still experimenting with designs. I like the newspaper covering but have decided that an interior like this chicken one should go in a painted tin like the one above and the one below. The little houses with birds look right, to me, as they are.

 The above two have sold. One on Etsy and one from the shop.
I am still considering doing a give away. Mainly, I won't lie, to solicit comments. I get to see how many people look at my posts and what countries they come from but I really would like to know a bit more about my readers.
Firstly I am going to ask for a vote as to what if anything of mine my readers would like to receive.
A house and bird sardine tin similar to the ones above or a cat brooch similar to the one below.

 Just comment tin or brooch.