Thursday, 24 January 2013

Never in slippers

One has formed without my realising it.
I begin each post with a photo.
What has that got to do with the slippers that are referenced in this title? ..........Ab-so-lutely diddly squat. Please forgive my random thought processing. I will get to the slippers.

This beginning photo appears because I noticed,today, that there are no snowmen.
In this current snowfall, not one. Not on my patch. Usually this is the time when all manner of creations rise eerily, and wonkily from the ground to lighten dreary, struggling -to -get -around days with humour and cheer. This hypothermic scarecrow, on the allotments, has to suffice. He is cute tho, and reassuringly traditional.
The slippers thing refers to a quote that I read from a veteran, prolific blogger who vowed to never blog in bunny slippers.
This was from a designer with a proper business, but one that she ran from home. The idea being one of standards and of not letting them slip. Of taking herself and her business and by association her clients, I assume, seriously.
An idea I applaud. Truly I do. But my mind wanders and I wonder :- in the days portrayed in Downton Abbey one dressed for dinner, does one now dress to blog?

So this is my shameful confession. With the two Hairy Herberts ( older H.H. in picture) to contend with, my days away from " the skills that pay the bills" are a tight interweave of doggy activity and creative endeavour and often I barely remove my wellies.

But one thing I do indulge in as a kind of scene setting is to light all the tea lights in the evenings. Surrounded by candle glow I can imagine myself wafting in silk and perfume.  I do this not just to blog but to retreat into the refuge of my home. My heart space ,wherein all the things that I love do dwell and where from I send out my ramblings.

Is it crass to invite a reader to say hello.