Hairy Herberts

It is a fair question to ask why I have devoted an entire page to my two dogs.
The reason is that they are inextricably linked to my creative life. They enable and disable in equal measure.
Most of our walks take place on a quiet area of heathland at varying times of day, in all seasons and in all weathers.
Just that alone gives me a connection to the landscape and somehow to my inner life.
I walk away my fears, frustrations and doubts. I am constantly inspired by the rythymn and patterns of nature and reminded always of the important things to remember in this crazy hectic world.
Things like love and compassion for oneself as much as anyone but for all life, everywhere.
 Walking in nature is a great leveller. You know yourself to be small in the universe but you get to see how much beauty and significance there is in the small things. And you get to see that rich tapestry into which we are woven. So very small but not disconnected or unimportant.

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