Saturday, 12 April 2014

Still sitting with it. Working on, working through. Happily playing.

And today I had company. My little monster making friend came and shared some creative time with me this morning. She is a joy to work alongside.
Each of us can be quietly busy doing what we do quite comfortably. No need to talk but the talking that we do is as comfortable as the silence.

She collaged into a book and made a bracelet.

I collaged and splodged paint. Did cutting and sticking and drawing. Wrote text.

A great time was had.
I often find it hard to walk away.

But people and dogs need feeding. Also there is preparation to be done for tomorrow's visitors. Aunty and her friend, both 90, are coming to Sunday lunch. Aunty has virtually no memory but a great curiosity and sense of humour so it will be fun.
Her face is often radiant with joy at the small things.
Wise old bird, Aunty. I draw near and learn much.

Technology tantrum.

Don't you hate it when 'computer says no!' ?
Try as I might I cannot get the !!**!?**! machine to upload today's photographs.
Not a caring sharing iPad this.
Yours frustrated and grumpy.

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