Sunday, 19 October 2014

I believe.....

A long time ago my brother gave me a tape recording of ' I believe' by Sounds of Blackness.
It is the most uplifting song I know.

 'nothing is impossible if you believe'.

I am quite sure that when he gave it to me he didn't know how many times I would listen to it through the course of my life and how rousing, affirming and motivational I would find it.

My brother loved to dance and when I listen to this track I usually shake my booty and he is there with me.
 Across time and space and that ridiculous divide between life and death we dance.

I believe.
Specifically I believe in my dream.

That negative inner voice, responsible for so much misery, is being drowned out with the song.
 And I am dancing my way through doubt.
It might not be pretty but it feels good.

tree trinkets

I had a wonderful day in the shop yesterday and sold a lot of work.
So........I believe.