Saturday, 16 August 2014


You know how it is.
Sometimes life is all ragged round the edges.
Nothing seems to fit or go according to plan
And other times it is a joyous seamless blend.
I think they call it flow.
Bit like this dress, these flip-flops and these toes.

I love my feet.
So far they are ageless and the same size that they were when I was 21.... unlike no other part of my body.
As you know my levels of self care are poor so I have delegated foot care to my lovely friend who is dusting off her skills as a beautician.
It gives me a sense of well being like nothing else and it gives hear a few quid and practise.

Not only did my clothing flow this week but so did ideas.
The houses began to speak to me and slow progress was made.
After the paper mache construction bit they get painted in white acrylic. Very time consuming with lots of drying time in between the layers of glue and paint.
When they are all white I start the even more laborious task of applying bits of paper and tissue. I do love decoupage but it is a bit of a faff.
And I think of it as cheating.
Just a little bit
So I have been wondering how I might incorporate my own drawn or painted images. Had a little light bulb moment followed by an "ah ha!"
Painting on tissue paper as in this sketchbook page.

This little shelving unit "said let me house the houses". And so I did.
Now as much as I value D.W.'s words of wisdom I had to move past them and throw a few bricks at beauty anyway.

And I was quite pleased with the result. But, the words do still look like bricks to me!


Anonymous said...

For me it is about the ebb and flow so evident in the rest of the piece being jarred in to stasis by the 'bricks', my immediate thought was to wonder if the 'bricks' were a different colour maybe picking up on a colour already present that speaks of light, lifting even floating rather than the solid heavy prone to gravity colour. Then I wondered if you had thought of different shapes maybe capsule seed shape of a sycamore or possibly a helicopter wing off a maple. There is all this light in the piece and then three heavy off switches. Keeping the light on is the thing I'd like to see.

As far as the houses are concerned YES your own painting on tissue is SO much better and is unique, pushing past the already laid down - no pun intended, and energising a project. Keep pushing good things are happening.


Lynne Davidson said...

Foot for thought D.W. Adding text in an appropriate harmonious way is definitely something to work on.
I want to put words on some of the houses too. Their shape is just a vehicle for the decoupage. In a sense another layer. Some text on top would make them more complete, I feel. Tho some I would leave blank because adding text also restricts the viewer to a degree. Conundrums.