Sunday, 11 May 2014

Kitchen timer as creative tool.

On the advice of my friend Daisy via an article shared on facebook I have been using the timer on my phone to tackle tasks in 30 minute slots. Oh my word! What a revelation.
I have achieved.......stuff.
More importantly I have lost the sense of overwhelm that was threatening me daily and producing a very unhealthy, unproductive inertia.

This is Hairy Herbert the younger sitting in the sun in front of a pile of the aforementioned clutter.
The foreign clutter.
Not our own clutter

And another pile of it.

This is H.H. The Y. trying to wait patiently while I type this blog. Doing well actually because it is approaching walk time. No timer set for that. For that we just stroll and breathe and chill and some of us chase rabbits down holes.

This is my coffee table the surface of which has gone unseen and by association undusted for weeks.
Hmmm....could be months.
For purists this may not qualify as de- cluttered. But for me it now sports only the essentials. And please ignore the sofa behind which has yet to feel the benefits of 30 minutes attention and carries work in progress. Evening work, T.V. watching work of knitting and crochet.

This is a similarly, newly released work top in the kitchen supporting said phone.

Oh yes and my newly washed bones. Don't ask.

Spray painted sardine tins ready for the off.

Sorted watercolours similarly ready for the off.

And a house I am building from paper and card.

All of these things achieved in 30 minute slots. Even the laughing gnome brooch. Ok. So that was more than one slot.

And these too. Crocheted and sewn one half hour at a time.

I am blissed to the max with the results of a very productive few days.
Not now drowning in clutter but calmly swimming with land in sight.
With love and wishes for bliss to you all xxx

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Anonymous said...

Glad it is working for you, I plan to try and write something more, on my blog, about how time constructed by my self folds and expands in wonders and joys that are never held but felt moment by moment as a small clock sends its message of support to my intent.
De-cluttering purists are often just that, creative sock draws don't do it for me, but prepared materials for work in progress in intentional piles/placement seems to me to be de-cluttering space and brain.
Well done you, if you keep the timer thing going for six weeks you'll find your brain begins to take over:0)