Friday, 15 February 2013

Day trip to Salisbury

I can't believe that I went to Salisbury, on a jolly, on a glorious sunny day like today, and forgot to take my camera!!!!!
I saw so many lovely sights.
Instead of any of those I show you my prized purchases.
This beautiful box came from TKMax. To house I know not what. Not exactly.
 And this equally beautiful bag that came from a charity shop for the princely sum of........ £4. A bargain.
Obviously had a bit of a butterfly themed day.

Our house has sash windows. A feature that I have always loved even though they rattle and let in as much air when closed as when open. Well almost.
As you can see I have an obsession with cluttering the cross frame with coloured glass.
I blame my mother-outlaw for starting me on the road to a, soon to be out of control, bud vase collection. She started collecting them herself and for a while it provided the answer to  the christmas and birthday present conundrum. While ferreting them out from charity shops and car boots for her I got bitten by the collecting bug for myself.
And lo, I added one today. Different yet again.

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