Saturday, 8 December 2012

The most damning critic is the one inside

 I do think a lot. I think, I think too much. My thoughts go around and around. I think in images quite a lot and for some time now I have pictured my thoughts like the ducks on a shooting stall at a fair. Those ducks go around and around. Only two or three are visible at a time. As each new one appears one drops down out of sight. To my ears that doesn't sound too healthy but in these days of frantic activity and pressure I assume it is not a situation peculiar to me.
As part of the creative process it is necessary to capture thought, that's where the sketchbook comes in. And just as necessary to edit and filter what gets splurged across the pages. This week I made a                          conscious decision to forgo the editing and dispense with the filter. I have been aware of two differing impulses for generating work: the impulse for creating that which will sell and the impulse to make something just because.....

These images, then, are the results of my weeks labours.

This is Cecily. I bought her from a charity shop for 50p! She was laying head down among cars and odd bits of lego. I loved her instantly which is kind of bewildering and I have made her,as yet,  just one shoe...oh and a party dress for the coming season. Don't ask me why because I cannot tell you and if I stop to think about it I can think of many reasons why not.  But, I think that answers all my questions about the nature of creativity.

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